Do you have a question or have an issue or just need some information?

Feel free to contact the secretary of the valley or the administrative staff in Little Rock. One of us will try and be of service to you.

Our Contacts

Secretary:Bryon Speller, 32°, KSA
Address:4423 Wolfdale Rd.
City:Farmington, AR 72730-3135

Email: Venerable Master
James M. Swank, 32°, KSA
Director of the Work
Trevor Robinson , 32°, KSA
P.R. of S.G.I.G
Sumner Brashears, 33°
Trevor Robinson, 32°, KSA

Miscellaneous Info:

The Valley of Fayetteville (Western Arkansas Scottish Rite Bodies) no longer has a full time secretary or office staff. All of the Valley's in Arkansas share staff and administration functions at the Orient Office in Little Rock. You may contact the Valley Secretary, Bryon Speller, directly at the address to the left or if he is not available and you need immediate assistance or have a question, simply call the Little Rock office.

All dues notices, member cards, etc. are mailed from the Little Rock offices, so don't be concerned if you are mailing your dues to Little Rock. They are credited to the Valley of Fayetteville.

Our Valley, through our Almoner, maintains a fund for those who may need immediate assistance. If you are aware of anyone in financial distress, especially a brother Mason, please contact our almoner Trevor Robinson for assistance. All disbursements to those in need is strictly confidential and at the discretion of the almoner. His contact information is to the left.

Contact the Little Rock Office:

Mailing Address
Arkansas Scottish Rite
P.O. Box 2139
Little Rock, AR 72203

Phone: 501-375-5587
Toll Free: 888-247-1106
Fax: 501-375-5589

Email:Mitchell Hensley