Masonic Education is central to all membersas they seek understanding of the degrees.

By involving yourself with the Masonic education within the Scottish Rite, you, personally, will gain increased knowledge of the craft of Freemasonry and gain increased understanding of the Scottish Rite degrees.

At our Stated Communications each month:

Our Stated meetings are more than just conducting business and reading the minutes. At each meeting, a member of the Valley faculty presents an educational program of interest to the brethren ranging in topics from symbolism in the Blue Lodge to programs in the Scottish Rite to seminars on the degrees of the rite. If you are interested in presenting a topic or have a topic in mind that you would like to see presented, simply contact Bro. Stone.

Recent programs include:

The Relationship of Geometry to Freemasonry - Fritz Gisler
The Relationship of Music to the Masonic Fraternity - Scott Nelson
Logic and the Fellow Craft Degree - George Stone
The Difference between operative and speculative Masonry - Keith Peterson
The Pillars at the Porch of King Solomon's Temple - Tom Simota
The Scottish Rite Valley Member Achievement Project (VMAP) - Keith Peterson
The Orient Crossroads Commitment Program - James Graham, S.G.I.G
Corn, Wine &, and Oil as Elements of Consecration - Kevin Hatfield
The 4th°, Secret Master - Keith J.L. Todd.
The 5°, Perfect Master - Kevin Hatfield
The 6°, Intimate Secretary - James Kring
The 7°, Provost and Judge - Kevin Hatfield
The 8°, Intendent of the Building - Andrew Morrison
Bro. George Washington & and the first Thanksgiving Proclamation - George Stone
The 9° and 10°, Elu of the Nine and Elu of the Fifteen - George Stone
The 11°, Elu of the Twelve - Aaron South
The 12°, Master Architect - Keith Peterson
The 13°, Royal Arch of Solomon - Patrick C. Carr
The 14°, Perfect Elu - Keith Peterson
The 15°, Knight of the East, of the Sword, or of the Eagle - Bryon Speller
The Feast of Tishri was celebrated.
The 16°, Prince of Jerusalem - Joe Harris
The 17°, Knight of the East and West - Keith Peterson
The Ceremony of Renewal and Remembrance was conducted by the officers of the Western Arkansas Chapter of Knights Rose Croix.
The 18°, Knight Rose Croix - Trevor Robinson
The 19°, Grand Pontiff- Joe Rouse
The 300th Anniversary of the Grand Lodge of England - Kevin Hatfield
The 20°, Master of the Symbolic Lodge - James Kring
The 21°, Prussian Knights or Noahchites - Jarrod Bradshaw
The 22°, Knight of the Royal Axe or Prince of Libanus - Joe Harris
The 23°, Chief of the Tabernacle - Kevin Hatfield
The 24°, Prince of the Tabernacle - Clint Chastain
Join the faculty of the Valley
Scott Nelson, 32°, KSA
Keith J. L. Todd, 32°, KCCH
Kevin Hatfield, 33°
James Kring, 32°, KSA
Keith Peterson, 32°, KSA
Andrew Morrison, 32°, KSA
Bryon Speller, 32°, KSA
Joe Harris, 32°, KSA
Trevor Robinson, 32°, KSA
Joe Rouse, 32°, KCCH
Jarrod Bradshaw, 32°
Clint Chastain, 32°, KSA