Brethren, our next two regularly stated meeting would occur on the week of Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas.  The Valley of Fayetteville will remain dark until the new year and our stated meetings will resume on 24 January, 2024.  However, that does not mean that the Valley will be silent.  As it has become somewhat of a tradition, there will be an informal gathering on Wednesday 22 November.  This time will be use for fellowship and the opportunity to break bread with your masonic family before the holiday season.  As of now, I do not have the menu but I'm assured it will be an excellent meal (green beans withstanding).  I hope to see you there but if not, have a very happy holiday season and I will see you at the lodge hall soon!


On September 27th this month, we will be celebrating with our annual Feast of Tishri ceremony.  This is open to ALL members and their guests!  This will be a great time to spend time with the family and Brethren!  We will serve the meal at 6pm with the multiple ceremonies to begin at 7pm.


Additionally, we will celebrate our 50 year members and give out 14th Degree Pyramids to our new members who have taken the degrees since 2020.  This is something that we are hoping to continue in the coming years.  We hope that everyone can make it out.


We only ask that you answer the below link requesting if you can attend or will be absent.  This helps us prepare the meal and accommodate all the guests that we hope to have.


RSVP:   Feast of Tishri Link: 



Brethren, the Valley of Fayetteville would like to invite you to our monthly stated meeting which will be held at Washington 1 on Wednesday 23 August.  The Knights of Saint Andrew will be providing a  BB! dinner for those that plan to join us.  Sir Knight Jerod Bradshaw will be providing the evening's education.  We will be illuminating and exploring the Historical Events tied to freemasonry and the Scottish Rite.  Come join the valley and your brethren!