We're excited to announce that we WILL be meeting this month for our Stated Meeting on July 22nd!!  It has been a very long time since we've seen each other and we are excited to see each of you!
We will be meeting in Fayetteville at Washington Lodge #1.  Meal at 6pm and Opening at 7 pm.  We will be following the protocols that the Grand Master of Arkansas and Worshipful Master of Washington Lodge #1 have put forth.  If you are feeling ill, in any way, or not willing to "chance it", PLEASE STAY HOME!!  We want you around for a long time!!
We originally had scheduled our July stated meeting to be held at Van Buren Lodge #6.  However, with everything that has gone on in the world recently, we feel that it would be best to get back on our feet this month and reschedule our meeting in Van Buren at a later date this year.  Details to come on this.
Our meeting this month will primarily consist of getting our plan together for the remainder of the year.  I am sure that everyone can agree that the year 2020 has been one full of a lot "new" things that we are all having to deal with.  We have 4 regular stated meetings scheduled for the remainder of this year.  This will remain our focus this year.
With the uncertainty of the 2020 year and not knowing what restrictions or other implications we may be faced with, we are going to cancel the 2020 Fall Reunion scheduled for October 11th this year.  I can assure you my Brethren, that this decision did not come easy.  We all love and look forward to our Reunions and is the highlight of the year for many of us.
With that being said, we will focus all our intentions on putting on a spectacular Reunion in April of 2021.  I believe that this will be a better situation for all involved and produce a memorable experience for our candidates.
If anyone needs anything, please don't hesitate to reach out to myself or our Secretary, Bro. Bryon Spellor, if we can help out in any way.  
We look forward to seeing all of you soon!!
Bro. Andrew Morrison, 32 KCCH