It is with pleasure that I can say that the Valley of Fayetteville executed an excellent Fall reunion! The Valley was able to initiate six new brothers into the Scottish Rite. The following degrees were performed to the highest standards:

4th degree - Secret Master
5th degree - Perfect Master
13th degree - Royal Arch of Solomon
14th degree - Perfect Elu
18th degree - Knight Rose Croix
30th degree - Knight of Kadosh
32nd degree - Master of the Royal Secret

As you may know, it takes a lot of effort to plan, organize and execute an event like this.  A special thanks to all of the brothers that assisted in the success of our reunion.  Degree teams, stage crew, educators, kitchen crew, organizers and most importantly, our candidates all deserve our most esteemed appreciation!

Stay connected with the Valley of Fayetteville over the upcoming months.  The Valley will be meeting every month and is already planning our upcoming Spring Reunion.  If you would like to participate or you would like more information about the Scottish Rite, Valley of Fayetteville; please check our calendar of events or inquire directly!

Thanks again brethren!  See you soon.