Brethren, the Valley of Fayetteville monthly stated meeting will be held on the 27th of July.  The Valley will be hosting a SPECIAL EVENT: A Night of Reflection!  Brothers Sumner Brashears, 33°, and Kevin Hatfield, 33° will be regaling our valley with their shared and individual stories, thoughts and musings on lives dedicated to our humble pursuit of masonry.  ALL MASTER MASONS are invited to attend!!

We humbly request that you RSVP online, if you plan to have diner with us.  RSVP can be easily submitted by clicking HERE and completing the short form.    Dinner will consist of Salad, Ham, Country Style Green Beans, Glazed Baby Carrots, Rolls and Cake for Dessert (if you finished your meal!).  If you are a Master Mason in good standing, we invite you to join us for the evening.  In addition to a good meal, you might decide the Scottish Rite is a good fit to further your masonic journey!  We look forward to seeing you there!



Brethren, be sure to join the Valley of Fayetteville on Wednesday the 22nd of June for our regular stated meeting. This month, Brother Barry Glenn will be presenting the first of a two part education dedicated to Illustrious Brother Albert Pike. Brother Pike is past Grand Commander and author of Morals and Dogma, the source of knowledge for Scottish Rite Masons. Dinner will be provided by the Knights of St. Andrew and we will be welcoming summer with hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans and dessert! So, plan to join your brothers at the stated meeting!



Brethren, the Valley of Fayetteville wants to thank each of you who participated and attended the recent Scottish Rite events.  The Centennial Ceremony of the Laying of the Cornerstone at the Albert Pike Memorial Scottish Rite Temple in Little Rock was a success!  The reunion held that Saturday initiated sixty nine of our brothers into the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  That is a proud feat that could only be accomplished with everyone's efforts.  So, thank you!

Also, the Valley of Fayetteville presented Illustrious Brother James H. "Chuck" Morgan, 33* GC this past Wednesday.  Brother Chuck educated the brothers and visitors present on the CSS H.L. Hunley, a civil war era submarine which was credited with the first recorded sinking of an enemy ship by a submarine in war time.  Brother Chuck's presentation was not only educational and well executed but was also very entertaining and thought provoking.  Brother Chuck was able to illustrate the ties of the Hunley not only to the South and Freemasonry but also to our very own state.  It was a pleasure to welcome him to the Valley of Fayetteville and we all look forward to seeing him soon.

If you were unable to attend either event, a photo gallery has been posted on the Valley of Fayetteville Webpage.  Near the top, you should see a link to "Photo Gallery".  Check back soon, photos from both events are still arriving and will be posted in the future.