Discovering New Ways to enjoy your Scottish Rite Experience

Nothing like spending a little quality time with your brethren. Check our some of our degree teams and scenes from our reunuions.

Photo gallery One

As we said before, we all lead busy and sometimes stressful lives these days. To take some of the stress out of your busy days, we offer several ways for you to enjoy your Scottish Rite experience. Let's face it. Everyone needs a little time with their brothers and the Valley of Fayetteville is just what the doctor would order.

There are many jobs required to make any meeting successful. Our reunions really take a lot of good brothers taking on a task and seeing it through to the end. Whether it is conferring a degree as a cast member, working on the stage crew, setting the altar properties, lighting and sound, costuming, refreshment, kithen crew, registration and greeting; the list goes on. Come and make some new friends and renew some old acquaintences.

The 4th degree (Secret Master) team: L to R: Alvin Lievsay, Bryon Speller, Jason Holt, Keith J. L. Todd, 32°, KCCH, Candidate Josh Peden, Kevin Hatfield,33°, James Kring 32°, KSA.

The 14th degree (Perfect Elu) team: Boyd Freeman, Mike Brown, Michael Briscoe,33°, Aaron South,33°, Candidate Brent Perkins, Ralph Boen, 32°, KCCH, John Heflin,32°, KCCH, and George Stone, 32°, KSA.

18th degree (Knight Rose Croix) - Dark Chamber: Clint Chastain,32°, KSA, Andrew Morrison, 32°, KSA, Brett Pansano, Joe Rouse,32°, KCCH, Candidate Brian Perkins, Scott Nelson,32°, KSA, Joe Harris, 32°, KSA, James Kring, 32°, KSA, Keith Peterson, 32°, KSA, Lynn Freeman.

18th degree (Knight Rose Croix) - Light Chamber: J. L. Freeman, Andrew Morrison, 32°, KSA, Scott Nelson,32°, KSA, Joe Rouse,32°, KCCH, Candidate Joshua McGinnis, Keith Peterson, 32°, KSA, Brett Pansano, Lynn Freeman, Gary O'Neal, Joe Harris, 32°, KSA.

30th degree (Knight Kadosh)

32nd degree (Master of the Royal Secret: Scott Nelson,32°, KSA, Patrick Carr, 33°, John McBryde, 32°, KCCH, Keith J. L. Todd, 32°, KCCH, Joe Harris, 32°, KSA, Candidate Brian Perkins,Ralph Boen, 32°, KCCH, Keith Peterson, 32°, KSA, Joe Rouse,32°, KCCH, James Kring 32°, KSA.

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