We are so very pleased you found us!We are dedicated to teaching mankind the tenets of Morality, Relief, Brotherly Love, Truth, Honor, Respect of Womanhood, Peace, and many other glorious lessons that help men to better themselves and the world in general.If you are a Master Mason, you are most welcome to continue your journey by joining our Scottish Rite.  Ask any Scottish Rite member or contact us by following the links provided. 

– Sumner Brashears, Personal Representative of the S.G.I.G


We're excited to announce that we WILLbe meeting this month for our Stated Meeting on July 22nd!!  It has been a very long time since we've seen each other and we are excited to see each of you!
We will be meeting

URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT:  Brethren, due to COVID-19 concerns, all masonic activities have been suspended.  This includes the following: 

  • Valley of Fayetteville Stated Meeting:  25th March - Canceled
  • Spring Reunion:  11th April -

It is with pleasure that I can say that the Valley of Fayetteville executed an excellent Fall reunion! The Valley was able to initiate six new brothers into the Scottish Rite. The following degrees were performed to the highest standards:

4th degree - Secret Master...


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