We are so very pleased you found us!We are dedicated to teaching mankind the tenets of Morality, Relief, Brotherly Love, Truth, Honor, Respect of Womanhood, Peace, and many other glorious lessons that help men to better themselves and the world in general.If you are a Master Mason, you are most welcome to continue your journey by joining our Scottish Rite.  Ask any Scottish Rite member or contact us by following the links provided. 

– Sumner Brashears, Personal Representative of the S.G.I.G


Brethren, our next two regularly stated meeting would occur on the week of Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas.  The Valley of Fayetteville will remain dark until the new year and our stated meetings will resume on 24 January, 2024.  However, that does not mean that the Valley will be



On September 27th this month, we will be celebrating with our annual Feast of Tishri ceremony.  This is open to ALL members and their guests!  This will be a great time to spend time with the family and Brethren!  We will serve the meal at 6pm with the


Brethren, the Valley of Fayetteville would like to invite you to our monthly stated meeting which will be held at Washington 1 on Wednesday 23 August.  The Knights of Saint Andrew will be providing a  BB! dinner for those



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